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 Available Software

  PMETp-w: Penman-Monteith's Potential Evapotranspiration  

       (for Monthly, Daily, Hourly or shorter periods) - WINDOWS GUI
(Updated Sep. 2016)

  FITEVAL: Evaluation of  the match between observed and

       calculated values.
       (Updated Dec. 2012)

            Requires MCRInstaller

FITEVAL figure

  FITMOD: Nonlinear least squares curve fitting
(Updated Sep. 2012)

             Requires MCRInstaller

  FITDTMAX: Zero Flow DT estimation for Granier's TDP

       (Updated May. 2016)

            Requires MCRInstaller

  DATAPROC: Processing data at different timesteps 

        Subtotals generation for average, max., min. and/or total values

        Optional timesteps: monthy, weekly, daily, hourly and/ or min.intervals

        (Updated Nov. 2012) 

           Requires MCRInstaller

  ProsaLogCom: Communication software for PROSA-LOG

       dataloggers (www.upgmbh.com), which are designed to log

       sapflow data from sensors based on constantheating principle

       (Updated Oct. 2009)

   iRoving: exploratory tool for designing a roving strategy for

       throughfall measurements

       (Updated Aug. 2012)

            Requires MCRInstaller

These programs have been developed for research and teaching purposes. They are distributed "as is", with no warranty. If any of the programs are found useful, the authors ask that acknowledgment be given to its use in any resulting publication and that the authors be notified.



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