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  MATLAB Compiler Runtime Installation 

In order to use this software, run-time libraries must be installed on the computer. The MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), a standalone set of shared libraries, enables the execution of MATLAB developed stand-alone applications on computers without an installed version of MATLAB.


If you currently do not have MATLAB 7.15 (R2011a) installed on your computer, download and install the MCRInstaller before running the application. This is a self-extracting utility, which depends on the end user's platform:

                                    MCRInstaller.zip (Windows)                                  MCRInstaller.dmg (OS X)

 1.  Download and open the file.

 2.  A command window opens and begins preparation for the installation.

 3. When the MCRInstaller wizard appears.


 4. You may specify where you want to install the MCR or accept the default folder.
 5. The installation begins taking some time.

 6. Once the installation is completed, MATLAB developed stand-alone applications can be executed.


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