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Program for linear and non-linear curve fitting

FITMOD for Windows FITMOD for OS X
Library Requirements


FITMOD can be executed as standalone application or as a MATLAB function

Two files are necessary: filename.in and filename.def, where filename can be passed

as argument (default filename is "fitmod")

The filename.in contains the data in two columns (x y). Additionally, a header including the

variables' names (separated by comma) can be added: "Xname, Yname"

The filename.def cotains the model definition:

   * Comments must start with %

   * The model is defined in DEFMODSTR

   * Fitting parameters are included in DEFMODSTR as A, B, C, ...

   * Non-fitting parameter values must be denoted as p1, p2, p3, ... and defined (e.g. p1=3.1416)

   * The parameter search requires either:
          a) The starting search values for A, B, C, ... between brackets in start_values
               (This option uses the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm)

          b) The parameter search intervals between brackets in lower_bounds and upper_bounds.
               Additionally, definition of start_values is possible.   
               (This option uses the Trust-Region algorithm)

Three EXAMPLE files are included in this package ex1, ex2 and fitmod (default).

Examples for executing FITMOD

Under Windows
Under OS X
fitmod <argument_list>
sh run_fitmod.sh <directory> <argument_list>
    fitmod ex1
    fitmod ex2
     sh run_fitmod.sh <directory>
     sh run_fitmod.sh <directory> ex1
     sh run_fitmod.sh <directory> ex2
<directory> is the directory where the MCR (or the MATLAB) is installed (further help)

FITMOD for Windows FITMOD for OS X
Library Requirements


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